About Us

Pandit Kamalapati Tripathi Pramod is a great scholar of Vedas grammar, literature, astrology and spirituality. He has received the education of Shastri and Acharya from Kameshwar Singh Mahavidyalaya, Darbhanga. During his stay in Kashi from the year 1997 to the year 2001, he not only worshiped Shiva but also understood the depth of this knowledge in the company of all the eminent astrologers of the city. For the last three decades, Pandit Tripathi has devoted his life to the continuous study and lectures of astrology. During this, he is also continuously studying the esoteric subject of Vedic astrology and is taking forward this great and rich tradition of India.

Pt. Kamalapati Tripathi 'Pramod' consider that astrology is a special boon given by the Supreme Lord to the human society. It should be used only for the betterment of human society. Pt. Pramod gives suggestions according to this belief. He is widely known for his highly experiential insights into matters related to astrology, horoscope predictions and remedial astrological solutions which he imparts by leveraging his deep expertise in Vedic astrology.

Through his services you can get an opportunity to get acquainted with the mystery of your life wrapped around the intricacies of horoscope details. The portal contains comprehensive information and all astrological signs, horoscope predictions, astrology predictions and minute-wise tips on how to use your planetary power to make your life happier. Pandit Tripathi Pramod considers this astrology to be Dev Vidya and according to this belief, he also gives suggestions.

If you want to make children's horoscope, get the yajna and worship done for the peace of the planets, get proper information about home entry, know the planetary condition of one's own or family members, Mahadev Archana, Hanuman worship on special occasions, please contact or e-mail the phone number given through this website. There is also a facility to meet the person in person and solve the problems through video call.